DraftKings Rocket Strategy – Learn How to Play Effectively and Win

Written by:
Ross Timmins
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Bogdan Lunkan
December 13, 2023

DraftKings Rocket

DraftKings is among the top 3 most popular legal online gambling operators in the US. One of the most successful casino products was the launch of DraftKings Rocket, a new game designed in-house, letting you voyage to space with massive returns in place.

While releasing the casino game, Jason March, DraftKings vice president, pointed out that the DraftKings Rocket game was designed to offer a ‘one-of-a-kind iGaming experience for customers,’ and boy did they deliver!

In a catalog filled with 500+ casino games, DraftKings Rocket has found a way to stand out and surge in popularity in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and West Virginia. In addition to the DraftKings Sportsbook, where the operator is known for its daily fantasy sports contests, it now has one of the best online casino sites available. The Rocket game is available on both the sports betting app and the stand-alone casino betting app.

Below is a detailed DraftKings Rocket review and how to play it, including the strategies you can use to play, how to enter the Rocket League, and increase the odds of getting outstanding returns. Let’s see what the DraftKings Rocket hack is.

Bon voyage!

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How to Play Rocket on DraftKings Casino

Before diving into how to play Rocket on DraftKings Casino, a brief look at what it is would do justice. The fun game, launched in September 2021, sits in the Variety Games section in the casino lobby as it’s a crash game. The DraftKings Rocket game still relies on the principles of luck, though, just like slots and most table games.

Rocket is a fast-paced game with high intensity and favors low stakes and high rollers. As the name suggests, the game features a rising rocket on a blue night sky, and your job is to predict how high the rocket rises before it explodes. As simple as that. As gambling basics have it, predicting right means you win, and getting it wrong means you lose. Predicting wrong would mean the rocket crashes prior to reaching the point you picked.

The higher the rocket flies into space, the higher the winnings you are likely to garner. This means that you could place a safe bet by predicting a low altitude before the rocket explodes, or you would decide to make a high-risk bet by picking a high altitude before the explosion. The former would mean a low payout, while the latter would imply an outstanding potential payout.

DraftKings Rocket Game Details & How to Start Playing

Let’s get a bit more technical. The DraftKings Rocket game deals with multipliers; as the rocket rises, so do the multipliers applied to your bet. The maximum multiplier at the DraftKings Rocket game is 1,000x, meaning if you are willing to risk your bet to the end, you would auto cash out 1,000x of your bet. But this would mean the rocket takes flight to the end without exploding.

DraftKings Rocket Big Win

Interested in trying out the game? You need to first register at DraftKings Casino before placing your bet. Registration is easy, and below is the step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit DraftKings Casino and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Provide the accurate information required (personal, contact, and account).
  3. Claim the DraftKings Casino welcome bonus.
  4. Finish up your account setup and verify your account.

The rule of thumb is to ensure you register within the legal state boundaries and be at least 21 years old.

5484 ratings
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DraftKings Rocket Features

DraftKings Rocket game features

DraftKings Rocket is a fun game, with the in-house developing team serving you with loads of features to make the online casino gaming experience even more enjoyable. Find out some of the game’s features below:

  • Manual tab: The tab allows you to place your bet manually on the ‘Bet Amount’ box before starting a new round. You can either manually decrease or increase your bet through a keyboard and withdraw from the rocket.
  • Auto Cash Out feature: The option allows you to set your auto cashout multiplier manually and lets you increase or decrease it. The DraftKings Rocket game will default to the 1,000x multiplier if the empty auto cashout box.
  • Bail feature: This feature will bail your bet if the rocket reaches the auto cashout multiplier or before the rocket explodes. You can manually bail by hitting the bail button. If not, the bet automatically bails once it reaches the auto cashout multiplier.
  • Auto Bet feature: This uses the same fundamentals as an autoplay feature in DraftKings slot games, allowing bets to run consecutively (up to 50). The auto tab will allow you to customize the bet by placing the amount, auto cashout multiplier, total bets (up to 50), and the profit/loss stop. For example, suppose you set the auto cashout multiplier at 4x per bet. In that case, the system will automatically bail the bet every time the rocket reaches the 4x multiplier until all the launches lapse, as indicated in the bet.
  • Rocket design: The feature allows you to choose a ship design you prefer before the rocket launches to add to the exciting game experience. You can do it from the ‘Change Ship’ option under the Settings tab.
  • Live Chat: Similar to live dealer games, the DraftKings Rocket game is played by a community of players, and as you play, you will see their wagers and find others cashing out at some point. The highlight is you can initiate communication interactions as you would in live dealer rooms.
  • Easter eggs, maybe?: Well, it is a long shot, but in the background appears an electric flying car that signifies the electric dispensation we are on and its relation with space, read Tesla.

The DraftKings Rocket gambling game is so popular because it is just plain fun. Some casino games require a strategy and a lot of time and research. With the Rocket game, you can jump right in and start playing.

Rocket RTP and Statistics

With its reliance on principles of luck and probability, the DraftKings Rocket game operates like online slots, where aspects like the return to player (RTP) percentage play a key role.

Bankroll management is vital in gambling, and every player aims to ensure their bankroll gets the highest possible payout. The DraftKings Rocket game is based on new ExitBet technology from the DraftKings’ in-house design team that explores entertainment-based gaming by providing online casino games with high RTP, as is the case with the DraftKings Rocket RTP at 97%.

It means the house edge sits at 3%, signifying great odds of winning impressive returns over time. This also matches some of the highest RTP slots we have reviewed in the past available in the DraftKings Casino slots category.

From the DraftKings Rocket RTP, the next stop usually is on the volatility. DraftKings has not offered official data on the game’s volatility. But looking at the majority wins ranging from 0-20x multipliers, it would be fair to say that the Rocket game has low volatility, allowing you to accrue small wins regularly. However, that does not mean you cannot find your luck to win massive payouts over time. It is rare, yes, but certainly not impossible!

The game odds remain fair and not fixed like in sports betting markets. Instead, you can set the odds you prefer in the auto cashout box. Finally, the question of game fairness is never far away. Like slots that use random number generators (RNG) to predict the outcome, the Draftkings Rocket explodes randomly without the influence of the previous results. This makes the game fair to all.

How Can You Win in the DraftKings Rocket Game?

DK Rocket Game Tips

Placing a bet at the DF Rocket game now becomes easy, provided you have an account and understand the game’s basics. Here is a guide on how you can bet:

  1. Launch the game: Log into your DraftKings Casino account, deposit funds, and launch the DraftKings Rocket under the ‘Variety Games’ category.
  2. Enter your bet: You will have a 6-second countdown to predict the point where the rocket explodes. You win the bet if the rocket explodes higher than your predicted point. If not, you lose. The game will default to its 1,000x max multiplier if you don’t enter your bet.
  3. Place your stake: Proceed to enter your stake, with the minimum stake limit at $1 and the maximum at $1,000.
  4. Place your bet: Hit the ‘Place Wager’ button for lift-off and ride on your luck!

However, placing a bet and winning are two different concepts. A placed wager does not mean a win. The game strikes a perfect balance of risk and reward, and with every lift-off dependent on a random number generator, minimizing the stake size is the best DraftKings Rocket strategy for a win. It calls for you to play responsibly to improve your chances of a payout and increase your gameplay time by not blowing your entire bankroll in a short time.

6 Rocket Game Tips and Strategies to Win at DraftKings

Unlike an online casino game of skill like blackjack, where one would employ a perfect strategy to beat it, the Rocket is similar to a slot that depends on luck, chance, or probability. And with RNG involved, your string of outcomes in the past does not influence or change the next lift-off results.

As you keep playing DF Rocket, the results are unpredictable, and the odds remain the same. But, to beat the DraftKings Rocket, you can employ some strategies. These are not to give a guaranteed win but to improve your odds of winning and making money on DraftKings.

#1 Keep the House Edge Low

The trick to keeping the house edge low at a casino is choosing games with a low house edge, like the Rocket game, and playing smart by placing small bets. It allows you to play longer and gives you a chance to grab wins and potentially higher ones. However, this also depends on your betting strategies, as discussed below.

#2 Wager Small Amounts

While experienced DraftKings players can stick to this strategy, it would apply better to the newbies as they grasp the basics of the game with time. It would mean you do not lose a huge chunk of your bankroll, and you can keep increasing your wager amount as you familiarize yourself with the online casino game. The higher the multiplier, the higher the volatility in DraftKings Rocket; it ranges based on your stakes and the point you abort the ship!

#3 Understand Your Winning Probabilities

As we stated earlier, Rocket is a random game that relies on probability based on RNG technology. This means that every person can win in the subsequent lift-off without considering past outcomes. No trick will beat the probability aspect, and as such, avoid compulsive gambling and play responsibly without chasing losses and staking what you can afford to lose.

#4 Don’t Do Auto Bets

Auto bet relies on automation, and while manual bailing does not signify an assured win, it is better to use the manual option first to immerse yourself into the game completely. Secondly, the option helps you to follow the gaming instincts that may land you exciting and impressive wins.

#5 Claim Rocket Game Bonuses

DraftKings Rocket bonuses

DraftKings is elite for the top betting bonuses it provides to its players on the three different products (DraftKings Sports, Casino, and DFS). While no exclusive Rocket game bonus exists, you can claim any DraftKings sign-up bonus offer.

They include the match deposit bonus for cash prizes (100% up to $2,000), casino credits (up to $50 in credits), and a custom offer for first-time high-roller depositors (get a contact from the VIP team after a $2,000+ deposit).

Other bonuses include the bonus bet and the DraftKings refer-a-friend bonus, where you can win bonuses to play the Rocket game without risking your money.

#6 Set the Deposit/Loss Limits Early

The DraftKings Rocket is exciting and addictive in equal measure. You may drown in the experience and proceed to play irresponsibly. Therefore, setting your deposit and loss limits helps avert such instances and ensures you remain within your budgeted bankroll.

5484 ratings
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21+. T&C Apply

DraftKings Rocket Strategies on Reddit

The internet world is open to everyone, and you will likely find anything you desire on an online forum. One of the platforms you will find a community forum discussing almost everything is Reddit. This includes the Rocket game conversation, with some individuals providing a strategy that might have worked for them and others discounting the game altogether based on the losing emotions.

Our word of advice is to avoid these strategies because they are unproven. What worked for person A over one lift-off does not necessarily mean it works again on their subsequent lift-off or works for person B altogether. The DraftKings Rocket is based on probability; thus, no strategy guarantees a 100% win. So, ignore the comments about the game being rigged and manipulated, having hot and cold stretches, the rocket rising higher if fewer players are playing, and so on.

DraftKings Rocket Game Benefits and Drawbacks

From the general outlook of the Rocket game, here are some of its benefits:

  • Game control: The Rocket game gives you control by allowing you to make the bets you prefer, choosing your preferred auto cashout multipliers, making up to 50 auto bets, and bailing your bet at any point.
  • Available for all types of players: The Rocket game is playable by any player. Its bet limits go as low as $1 and as high as $1,000, allowing low-stake and high-stake players to play.
  • Based on probability: The game’s results are based on luck, meaning the Rocket is random and fair in its outcomes.
  • Available in 5 states: Users can access DraftKings Casino in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia within the jurisdictions and play for real money.

Some of the shortcomings of the Rocket game include the following:

  • Missing official data: DraftKings Casino does not provide vital data like the game’s volatility and data from the many games played. This may not sit well with many online gambling fans but we can confirm that volatility and RTPs depend on how you play the game.
  • ❌ Game control: While having control over the game may be a benefit looking at it from the ‘half-full glass’ angle, the ‘half-empty glass’ angle would suggest that having absolute control over games would spell doom to users prone to irresponsible gambling.

Rocket game real money

Play DraftKings Rocket with Our Winning Strategies!

DraftKings Rocket game is unique in its setting and brings a breath of fresh air to the online casino gambling scene, explaining its impressive reception since 2021. More positive is the fact that more states continue to access the game as DraftKings expands its market, and applications in other states are pending regulatory approval from the relevant authorities.

As you may have gathered, the Rocket game is worth a shot for every player, from beginners to experienced and from small-stakes to high-stake players. This is thanks to the 100% fairness achieved from RNG technology and favorable betting limits of between $1 and $1,000.

And as random as the Rocket gets, using our strategies is the surest way to improve your DraftKings Rocket odds of winning. The only thing to remember is that they do not guarantee 100% winning, but with the probability aspect employed in the game, your subsequent lift-off might be the one to win you 1,000 times your bet!

5484 ratings
Play $5, Get $50 Instantly In Casino Credits
  • Promo Code: NO CODE REQUIRED
  • 1x Playthrough
  • Awesome Slots
21+. T&C Apply
Play $5, Get $50 Instantly In Casino Credits
21+. T&C Apply


Can you play Rocket on FanDuel?

No, DraftKings is the only place you can play the Rocket game. However, that doesn't mean that other casino sites, including FanDuel, don't offer many other exciting casino games. FanDuel Casino provides a wide range of games for you to enjoy, from classic FanDuel slot games to video poker options and a thriving live casino section.

What is the RTP of the DraftKings Rocket game?

The RTP of the DraftKings Rocket game is 97%, which, compared to other casino games, is rather high. The overall house edge on this machine is just 3%.

How do you win on a "Crash" gambling game?

To win on any Crash style of gambling game, you need to claim your winnings before the rocket, plane, or featured object explodes or crashes. If you hold on longer, you "could" potentially win more money, but bailing at an acceptable level ensures you get to win rather than losing your entire stake.

The level at which the rocket may crash is random, and overall, this ensures game fairness with a tested long-term theoretical RTP.

Ross is our resident casino aficionado, always on hand to guide players through the realms of of online casinos, slot games and bonuses.

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