BetMGM Account Restricted or Suspended? Here’s How You Restore Your Locked Account

Written by:
Alex Windsor
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Mike Fatouros
June 12, 2024

BetMGM Account Restricted or Suspended

Placing wagers on your favorite sports can be fun and fruitful. But sometimes, you could find yourself in a pickle after your BetMGM betting account gets locked, restricted, or suspended.

BetMGM is the go-to online gambling platform for many sports betting and casino enthusiasts. Available in 18 states, BetMGM is undoubtedly a leading sportsbook in the United States.

The operator also has a wealth of online gaming experience, which allows it to offer a unique sports betting experience. It has an extensive selection of ongoing sports as well as sport-specific promotions. The site offers odds boosts for specific games or leagues, parlay insurance, and sportsbook risk-free bet tokens if specific prop bets are categorized as losers.

However, learning that your BetMGM account has been suspended and you cannot login to place wagers on your favorite sports can be a confusing and frustrating experience. Our tips can be helpful if your account is restricted, but you probably won’t be able to reinstate it.

Do not fret if you cannot restore your account: you can join the listed alternatives, as they offer reliable apps and world-class online gambling services. All new players who use our links will also get a free bet right out of the gate.

The Most Common Reasons for Suspended BetMGM Account

Whether you’re using the BetMGM casino or sportsbook platform, your betting account can sometimes be suspended or restricted for several reasons. If your account is put on hold, you can no longer place wagers on the site; this can also lead to your account being permanently locked altogether. If this happens, you haven’t hit a dead end, as you can sign up with other reliable online gambling platforms, such as FanDuel, Caesars, or DraftKings, and place bets on your favorite sports or play online casino games and BetMGM slots.

But first, you can give a shot at fixing the issue.

Here are some common reasons that can get your BetMGM account suspended:

Creating Multiple Accounts

Nothing can trigger BetMGM’s fraud-prevention team like holding several accounts. The operator will suspend them and add your name to a blocklist to prevent you from registering again.

BetMGM only allows one person to open an account in each household. That means you cannot open another betting account under your spouse’s name or other family members living in your house to increase your potential win or abuse their bonus offers. This breaches their terms and conditions and constitutes fraud.

If you made a genuine mistake and opened a duplicate account because you forgot the details of your existing account, reach out to the BetMGM customer support team. They will be glad to help you reinstate your account. You can also click on the Forgot Your Password option and provide your email and date of birth to recover your account.

BetMGM account problems

Suspiciously High Winnings and Betting Patterns

Your account can get suspended if it shows suspicious activity. BetMGM uses innovative software systems to track players’ gambling activity, and they can quickly detect irregular betting patterns.

The AI implemented in the site’s operations analyzes player data for problematic behavior and suspicious players, then notifies the operator when they detect anyone trying to beat the system by cheating or using bots. Any suspicious betting activity will lead to your account getting suspended. For instance, betting high on a wager when your betting history shows you place small bets is a red flag and a surefire way to get your account suspended.

Your account can also be restricted if you generate high winnings consecutively. The operator needs to balance their profit and the winnings they pay players. For this reason, they may restrict your account if it generates suspiciously high profits. An unusually lengthy winning streak may alert BetMGM about possible cheating techniques.

Inactive and Dormant Accounts

Tourists often create BetMGM accounts when they visit states where this gambling site operates. These accounts do not serve any purpose when they leave.

Your account will be deemed inactive if you don’t make deposits or place wagers within 180 days. The operator puts inactive accounts on hold until the owners contact their customer support team.

BetMGM will shut down your account if it remains inactive for one year, even if it has funds. Any money will be forfeited to the state where you created the account. You can reach out to the BetMGM support team if you want to restore your dormant account.

Providing Incorrect Account Details

All legal sportsbooks ask for ID to confirm your identity and check if you are old enough to engage in gambling activity. They also do this to ensure you are not involved in fraudulent activities like money laundering. This process ensures that players can legally gamble online and are not involved in fraudulent activities like money laundering.

Your driver’s license, contact information, and mailing address must be valid; this ensures you live in a BetMGM legal state. Using false details can result in your account getting locked.

The operator reserves the right to conduct a security review any time they want to validate your age, identity, and the details you provided during the registration process. They can ask you to provide your passport, bank statement, SSN, or driving license. Your BetMGM account will be suspended unless you provide these documents when they ask for them to verify your identity.

betMGM account verification

Numerous Unsuccessful Sign-in Attempts

BetMGM will suspend your account to protect you if there are numerous login attempts to your account. The failed sign-in attempts may come from hackers trying to access your account to steal your funds or sensitive information. In such cases, you can contact their customer support team and request them to restore it.

If your account is suspended due to numerous unsuccessful sign-in attempts, you should activate 2FA; this will prevent hackers from accessing your account to steal sensitive information, withdraw funds from your betting account, or place wagers.


If you think you’re spending too much money or time on gambling, you can request to be self-excluded. BetMGM encourages responsible gambling, and that’s why they have a self-exclusion scheme that you can use if you recognize that your gambling is harmful to you.

You can decide to self-exclude yourself from BetMGM and other gambling sites for a certain period. Your account will be put on hold during this period, meaning you cannot fund your betting account or place a wager on an NFL player or NFL game. You can contact the support team when you feel ready to continue betting responsibly.

Chargeback Fraud

Chargeback or friendly fraud is a big issue in the gambling world; many gambling sites have implemented policies to address it. Chargeback fraud happens when a player files a chargeback to get their money back under false pretenses. BetMGM can suspend or terminate your account if you abuse chargebacks to get reimbursed for your gambling losses.

Non-compliance with BetMGM Terms & Conditions

Not following through with BetMGM’s general rules may result in having your account suspended immediately. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the operator’s rules to ensure you are using the platform according to its terms and conditions. Doing this will help you avoid breaching the site’s terms and conditions, which could lead to your BetMGM account being blocked.

Accessing Your Account Through VPN

If you are visiting another state where this site is not offering its gambling services, you might be tempted to use a VPN. But this is a bad idea: BetMGM uses geolocation software to identify your physical location.

IP addresses of VPN servers are easy to recognize; some databases specialize in VPN detection and can determine if an IP address belongs to a particular provider. The BetMGM betting platform can detect when players use a VPN. If you are caught using a VPN, the operator will suspend your account and then probably shut it down.

How to Restore Your BetMGM Account After It Has Been Suspended or Locked

If you think your BetMGM account has been wrongly suspended or locked, drop their customer support team a line at You can also call them using their phone at 1-609-248-9531 or use the Live Chat function on their site, which is available from Sunday to Thursday, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST.

Alternatively, you can send a direct message to the BetMGM Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page. Their support team will give you the lowdown on your account, including its status and reasons for the suspension. They will also explain what you should do to lift the account limitations.

When we reached out to them during our research for this guide, they were helpful and promptly responded to all inquiries.

Will BetMGM Allow You to Register Another Account?

No. BetMGM cannot let you register a new account because players are allowed only to have one betting account. BetMGM will save your information in its database when you complete the sign-up process, and new registration is prohibited. If you try to register a new account with false details, BetMGM is entitled to close it. The only option is to sign up with another reputable gambling site that accepts players in your state using the correct details.

Alternative Gambling Platforms if BetMGM Doesn’t Restore Your Suspended Account

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If you contact BetMGM customer service representatives and fail to restore your account, you can look for other options.

The United States are full of reputable operators offering top-notch sports betting services. Below, you’ll find the best alternatives to BetMGM. These gambling sites have a range of sports and great odds. They also offer a free bet that you can use to place wagers without any associated risk.

Each of the listed BetMGM alternatives operates in the same or more states, both a casino and sportsbook.


Can I close down my BetMGM betting account?

Yes. You can shut down your BetMGM account anytime you want. The process is simple: Head to Service Closure and select the CLOSE ALL option to deactivate your account. You can still sign in and withdraw funds if you have a balance even after your account is closed. You can also reach out to their support team and request them to close your account.

The site will save your details on its database, so you can't reopen your account as a new player and claim another BetMGM Sports welcome bonus. But you can sign up with any of the websites we mentioned on this page and take advantage of their welcome offers.

What should you do if your BetMGM account has been compromised?

  • You get a notification saying you have changed your password, and you are not the one who triggered it

  • You notice some movements in your account that you did not carry out, such as placed bets, deposits, or withdrawals

  • There are changes in your BetMGM account details that you did not undertake, such as changes in your phone number or e-mail address

What is the minimum age for placing bets on BetMGM?

The minimum age requirement to gamble on the BetMGM platform is 21. That's why the site asks for your personal information to verify your identity through a process called KYC (Know Your Customer). This step requires you to provide a copy of your identification document to confirm your age and know if you are eligible to place bets on their site.

Can I log into my BetMGM account if it is put on hold during the sign-up process?

Yes. BetMGM allows you to log into your newly created account to submit your documents for verification purposes. Once they have verified your identity and address, they will reopen your account.

How long will it take for a BetMGM suspension to be lifted?

There is no specific duration for a Bet MGM suspension; this depends on why your account was suspended. For instance, if your sportsbook account was wrongfully suspended or the reason was to keep it safe due to numerous unsuccessful login attempts, you can contact BetMGM customer support. It will be reinstated within 24 hours after you have provided the necessary documents. Your account may also be permanently suspended in the case of fraudulent activity.

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