Best Football Cash Out Betting Sites

Football Cash Out Betting Sites

If you’re a fan of college football or the NFL, you must love betting on football online to boost the fun and give the game a little extra kick. Online sports betting is prevalent in the United States, and professional and college football are some of the most popular betting markets on their platforms.

Cashing out a wager allows users to settle a bet for some or all of their initial risk or its potential payout, meaning they can quit while ahead. The best cash-out betting sites are often the betting platforms with the most features because it’s a constantly changing function that can offer partial or full cash-out options based on the current state of the event.

10 Best Football Betting Apps with Early Cash Out Option

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Several online betting sites offer a cash-out option because it allows the user to settle the bet before the event has finished. Cashing out allows the user more control over their bet, and it plays very similarly to live, in-play bets.

Below are my top 10 football betting sites (in no particular order) for users looking for cash-out options on single and multiple bets with a max qualifying bet stake.

🏈Sportsbook📈Cash-Out Features🏈Football Markets⭐Football Betting Types
FanDuel- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
Caesars- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
DraftKings- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
BetMGM- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
BetRivers- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I & IIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
PointsBet- Early and live cash out available
- Partial cash-outs available
NFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
Barstool- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I, II, & IIIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
Bet365- Early and live cash out available
- Auto Cash Out Feature
NFL, NCAAF Div. IMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
Betway- Early and live cash out available
- Partial cash-outs available
NFL, NCAAF Div. I & IIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays
Unibet- Early and live cash out availableNFL, NCAAF Div. I & IIMoneyline, points spread, prop bets, futures, same-game parlays

FanDuel Cash Out

FanDuel is a phenomenal sportsbook that offers everything from live prop betting to flash bets on individual plays! FanDuel has a great cash-out feature that allows users full bet settlements, along with some of the most consistent cash-out servers that are rarely suspended and updated by the second.

Caesars by William Hill Cash Out

Caesars Sportsbook is one of the country’s most famous operators because its betting app provides users with live betting, stats, and cash-out options that are available both before the event and live. It has a similar level of the cash-out system to FanDuel; however, the odds are not as good (similar to its live betting odds), and the function is limited for more complex same-game parlay football bets.

DraftKings Cash Out

DraftKings features a well-rounded cash-out tool that’s easy to use and updates rapidly to assist users in getting the amount they’re owed at that time. It’s shown below every bet in the “open” tab of the bet slip and is available in full cash-out options at mediocre odds (even though its live betting odds are great).

BetMGM Cash Out

BetMGM is another cash-out betting site that allows the user to settle the bet before the event begins and while it’s in play. A qualifying bet settlement can be made on a mobile device or the website and can be done similarly to the rest of the list by accepting it through the bet slip.

BetMGM has a great cash-out system; however, the odds can sometimes update too quickly, causing issues accepting the bet settlement because the odds changed in the three-second acceptance period.

BetRivers Cash Out

BetRivers is one of the smaller sports betting platforms on the list but offers many sports markets and cash-out options perfect for users looking to settle their bet in college football or the NFL. The cash-out option works consistently and has excellent odds, but bet settlements end early after the second half begins (in my experience).

PointsBet Cash Out

PointsBet is one of the best betting sites on the internet and has a tremendous cash-out system that tends to give a high percentage of the possible payout to users with several legs already won. Whether it’s partial or full cash-outs, PointsBet will likely feature a cash-out option available for every bet until it’s impossible to win.

Barstool Cash Out

The Barstool Sportsbook is a fun and entertaining sports betting site that features many ingenuities to make betting more fun, including giving users more say over their money. Users can cash out through all forms of football betting, including same-game parlays and individual parlays from a round-robin; however, live bets are excluded.

Bet365 Cash Out

Bet365 is an excellent cash-out betting site because it offers an auto cash-out option, which is unique to their platform and very useful, especially for new customers. The auto cash-out option allows users to cash out a sports bet when it hits a particular payout and is a quality tool perfect for user satisfaction. It’s the world’s largest betting site, but it handles the traffic well and provides good odds and some potential earnings of free bets.

Betway Cash Out

Betway is a newer sportsbook that only operates in a few states; however, the cash-out function works quite well and has minimum suspension times. While it doesn’t have the best odds, it allows users to cash out partially and get some of their risk back, which can be a lovely way to hedge against your initial bet.

Unibet Cash Out

Unibet is another smaller sportsbook with a limited number of betting markets and free bet promotions, but it has a pretty well-functioning cash-out option. While it suspends the cash-out option somewhat frequently, the odds are great, and it offers better cash-outs than most. Online betting cash-out options on Unibet are limited, so there’s only the standard option and no partial cash-out choice available.

How Cash Out Works in Football Betting

Cashing out on most betting sites is very simple and can be done through the bet slip, where currently open bets are shown. From here, users will have the option to keep their bet or cash out at most times before and during the event, which could pay out less or more than the initial risk based on the likelihood of the bet winning (think of it like odds).

The amount provided will change throughout an event based on the event’s current outcome, similar to how live betting odds and lines are chosen. For example, if a team that’s favored by six points starts the game with a touchdown, then the cash-out option for that bet will be higher than your initial risk.

From here, the user can choose to either take the money and run (queue the Steve Miller Band) or let the bet ride out. If you choose to take the bet settlement and your bet wins, you’ll lose the money you could’ve won, but it does save you the peace of mind. On the other hand, cash-outs on qualifying bets that end up not winning allow users to win more than they would have ended up losing, so it’s an essential feature if used properly.

Partial Cash Out

A partial cash-out is a way for a user to decrease risk while keeping some skin in the game. It’s a happy medium for those who can’t decide whether they want to get out of their bet early and cut their losses but can’t stop looking at the potential payout. Whether it’s a loss or a winning bet, it’s hard to be upset with the outcome of a partial bet settlement.

Only some sportsbooks will feature a partial cash-out option, but any online betting site that does should be kept in mind because they have the customer’s best interest at heart. Free bet stakes can’t be cashed out by any means, including partial cash-outs.

Auto Cash Out

An auto cash-out feature allows users security as they’ve never seen on an online betting service before because it gives the users full control over their bet. The user can set a cap for the cash-out amount, and whenever the cap is reached, the bet will be settled automatically, allowing the user to be carefree and not have to stay on the app watching the payout the whole event.

Auto cash-out features are rare; the only one I could find was on bet365, a small US sportsbook available in New Jersey, New York, and Colorado!

Is Cash Out Worth Using?

Whether or not cashing out is worth is strictly based on the situation at hand and the user in the situation. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it’s hard to say precisely, but cashing out is worth it in certain situations, especially if it’s a bigger payout than your initial risk.

Cash Out

If you need more clarification about your bet winning, cashing out early just for peace of mind is the best way to limit your losses. Remember to do it sparingly and limit your winnings, but it’s always something to consider, especially with parlays with some winners already on them.

There are also ways to play the cash-out function to your advantage and use it to win twice, which is one of my favorite things to do in mobile sports betting. It involves placing a bet, cashing it out, and then placing the payout on a live bet, which is pretty simple in theory but challenging in practice.

For example, if I have a bet on the Buffalo Bills to beat the Kansas City Chiefs by 3 points, and they start the game with a touchdown drive, the cash-out option will likely feature a payout higher than my initial risk because of the current outcome. If I decide to take the payout, I could use it to either double down on the updated live points spread or go against my original bet and take the underdog for a huge payout!

How to Cash Out Your Football Bet

Cashing out your bet is very simple and only takes a few seconds and a three-to-five-second grace period for the odds to be accepted. To do this, go to your open bets in your bet slip, and you will find the cash-out option below each available bet.

The payout will constantly change, so don’t jump at the first number you see; wait for your chance. As mentioned above, big plays like turnovers and touchdowns affect the odds significantly, so waiting for a big play to make your move is the way to go. Remember not to hold out too long because sometimes this can backfire.

When you’re ready, click on the payout option and select accept (or something similar), and the grace period will begin, which means the bet will go through if there are no odd changes in that time frame (as seen below). If there are changes in the odds, the user will need to reaccept them and wait until the grace period is complete.

Cash Out Parlay

Why is Football Cash Out Unavailable?

There are several reasons for the cash-out feature to be unavailable for a user, including a readjustment on the current live odds of an event due to a big play or injury and a team blowing their opponent out. A cash-out is essentially a bet from the sportsbook on the possible outcome of your current bet, which means that whenever the bet is impossible for you to win (or at least seemingly impossible), you will no longer receive a cash-out option, as seen below.

Cash Out Suspended

Other reasons for this may be that there are too many moving parts at once with the bet, especially when it comes to same-game parlays with several different player props. If you choose to make large player props parlays, you will likely receive a suspended cash-out option when the game begins for the duration of the event.

Cash-outs are also suspended during the final moments of close games due to the high volatility of the potential outcomes and what that could mean for its cash-out feature’s algorithm. If a team starts a drive down five with two minutes left in the game, odds are the cash-out will be suspended.

Why Do Sportsbooks Let Bettors Cash Out?

Sportsbooks allow users to cash out for several reasons, including the popularity of the feature and the fact it’s essentially a form of live betting, but from the house’s side. Like their users, the cash-out system allows online sports betting sites to limit their losses by paying people for their bets back.

Think about it this way, a bettor that stands to win $1,000 may be enticed to bail on their bet to ensure they win $500 regardless of the outcome, which potentially benefits the sportsbook by $500, but can also lose the sportsbook $500. They’re banking on enough users using this feature prematurely so they can limit their potential losses, or like something seen below.

Article About Cash Out

In Which Sports can I Cash Out Early?

Cash-out features are used for more than just football, and sportsbooks around the country offer them for more than half of the betting markets on their platform. Some sports, like MMA and auto racing, are more challenging to determine the outcome than others, which forces sportsbooks not to allow cash-out options.

Horse racing is another betting market that’s uncommon for live cash-out options; however, some sportsbooks offer this feature that can be used throughout the first half of the race. Almost all sports with head-to-head competitors, whether it be a team or individual athlete, will feature a cash-out option, so keep an eye out for it on your bet slip!

Low Cash Out

Football Cash Out Betting Sites FAQs

How do sportsbooks calculate Football cash out?

Sports betting sites determine the cash-out value through several different factors based on the most current outcome of the event. This means that the sportsbook will take the score, the new injuries, the field position, the momentum, and much more into account when providing your cash-out option.

In the case of parlays, the cash-out amount is determined by the number of legs that have already won in the parlay, along with what the outlook of the rest of the legs on the parlay is looking like. For example, a four-leg parlay with three winners on the Sunday morning slate and a final leg on Monday night will have a portion of the winnings available for cash out.

Can I revert a cash-out?

No, cashouts are permanent, so be sure to be 100% positive about your decision. The cash-out function has multiple authentication systems, meaning it will ask twice before making it permanent so it won't be a one-click mistake.

The cash-out function also gets suspended pretty frequently throughout significant football game events because the odds need to be changed. For example, if there's a touchdown being reviewed, the cash-out option will likely be suspended until the call has been made and new odds can be given.

Why is cash out suspended?

The cash-out feature may be suspended on your bet for several reasons, including the number of bets of a parlay being active, a current play being under review, the event being too late in the game, and much more!

For example, a five-leg parlay with all of them happening live would be suspended because too many factors are going into the odds simultaneously. A fumble or interception is a big momentum swinger which means when an interception or fumble is being reviewed; the sportsbook will need time to adjust the odds.

Late-game cash-out options will also likely be suspended, especially in a close game, because it's easy for users to take advantage of a swing in momentum (turnover or touchdown). Similarly, a significant injury like when Tua got a concussion in the Bills game could cause a suspension to the cash-out feature to determine the odds.

Do betting apps support cashing out early?

Yes! Almost all sports betting platforms offer cash-out features for users to get some of their wagers or their winnings. These features include full and partial cashouts that allow users to get some, if not all, of their initial wager.

The very best cash-out betting sites allow users to do automatic cash-outs, allowing to set a limit on the amount they'd like to take if it's ever on the table. Essentially, it's a dollar amount that is immediately cashed out if presented as an option by the sportsbook.

Does the cash-out feature of football betting sites work in all states?

The feature works in every state that allows live online sports betting; however, the user will need to cash out from the same state the bet was placed in because it's basically considered a different sportsbook. This means that online sportsbooks offer the cash-out option in almost all states, but you won’t be able to cash out a bet in Indiana if it was placed in Pennsylvania.

At which point can I cash out my Football bet?

A bet can be cashed out before an event or during an event based on the type of wager and the number of legs in parlays. For example, a large parlay would only be able to be cashed out before the games started or early on throughout them both for just part of the initial wager.

Generally, single straight bets can be cashed out at any time as long as it's not during a significant shift in momentum, allowing the user to do it at their leisure.