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June 13, 2024


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What is our mission?

At gamblingpromocodes.com, our team of experts investigate, rate, and recommend the best legal and licensed online gambling sites to enrich the gambling experience of our readers. We do this by furnishing valuable insights and resources to foster safe gambling habits, offer bonus codes, and recommend legitimate casino and sportsbook sites.

Policy and information

  • Reliability: Safeguarding the delivery of reliable, accurate, and trustworthy information to our readers is a top priority for us. We are dedicated to informing and educating our audience on online casino and sportsbook topics through meticulously researched data. It is essential to note that while we strive for precision, our guidelines should not be considered a substitute for legal or professional advice. We cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the data provided.
  • User accountability: By accessing our platform and using our information and services for your personal usage, you agree to the accountability of your own actions and hereby accept the laws and regulations on our website.

Our content

Gamblingpromocodes.com provides its users with content that includes but is not limited to,

We pride ourselves on accurate and updated information on these topics. However, our platform should not be mistaken for professional or legal advice, and we will not take responsibility for the resulting actions of our users.

Collaborations, external connections, and advertisements

  • External Links: Our platform offers links to external websites or services outside of gamblingpromocodes.com. These third-party sites have their own content and privacy policies that we are not responsible for. We highly advise you to review the third-party privacy policies before you indulge in their information.
  • Collaborations and Advertisements: Gamblingpromocodes.com showcases partnerships and advertisements with third-party websites. These collaborations may be featured on our platform via external links. We can not guarantee the accuracy of its services, information, and products. Therefore, any engagement with these third-party sites will be at your own risk, and we will not carry responsibility for issues or damages arising from the usage of their platform and information.

Maintaining editorial independence

We pledge to deliver editorial independence through impartial information and unbiased recommendations. We do not promote or favor third-party websites in return for incentives or payments. Our reviews, recommendations, and rankings are based solely on thorough research and analysis. We aim to provide accurate information to allow you to make informative decisions of your own. While we strive for these best practices, our affiliate websites pay us commission if users purchase products or services through the links we provide. Rest assured, we do not allow this to affect our above-stated objectives.

Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property of Gamblingpromocodes.com is safeguarded by copyright, trademark, and other laws. This includes all the content showcased on our site, such as graphics, logos, images, text, and software. Therefore, the distribution, copying, modification, or reproduction of our content is strictly prohibited without our written permission.

Legal and safe gaming activities

At Gamblingpromocodes.com, we adhere to strict laws and regulations to promote a safe, secure, and responsible gambling experience for our users. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the legality of online gambling sites you wish to engage in your jurisdiction. Any financial transactions related to gambling sites are between you and the respected operator. We offer no direct gambling services, or any other service directly linked to online gambling.

Responsible gambling and gambling addiction protocols

Gamblingpromocodes.com encourages users to follow responsible gambling protocols. We do this by providing information on gambling addiction, how to manage it, and seek help if needed. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, we encourage you or the person to seek professional help. Anyone looking for help can use our safe gambling resources, recommendations, and available helpline numbers. While we offer and promote responsible gambling practices, we will not be held accountable for any repercussions or actions resulting from your personal gambling experiences.

Changes and updates of our Terms of Service

Our terms and conditions are not set in stone. We hold the right to update or change our terms of service whenever needed. Our users will be notified with an “Effective Date” note at the top of our terms and conditions page. Anyone who continuously uses our services and website automatically accepts any changes made to our terms, conditions, and policies during that time.

Feedback and suggestions

Your feedback is of great importance to the future of our website. Please contact us if you have concerns, comments, praise, or anything else worth noting. We continuously strive to improve our website, content, and services for our audience. If you wish to get in touch, use the contact information below.

Thank you for supporting our website and adhering to our terms and conditions.

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