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    May 21, 2024.
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    Bingo Jungle hands out a modest $0.5 no deposit bonus to each new player as soon as they download the app. Besides the sign-up promo, several other bonuses are available, including a 100% bonus match on the first deposit, and a handful of tickets that are used for Scratch Cards.

    Despite all these bonuses being within arm’s reach, our problem with this app is its pay-to-play approach. Players have to pay entry fees to play, and the no deposit bonus funds aren’t enough to even enter the “practice” room.

    Today, we are diving deep into Bingo Jungle bonuses and deals. Our experts will help you understand how the app’s bonuses work, how you can claim them, and how to get the most out of your bonus funds.

    Bingo Jungle New Player Bonus Details

    🎱Bingo Jungle
    🎁No Deposit Bonus$0.5
    📜No Deposit Bonus CodeNone required
    ✍️First Purchase Deal100% deposit match and free entry tickets
    📜First Purchase Bonus CodeNone Required
    💵Minimum Deposit$5, grants $15 worth of gems and cash on the first purchase
    🤑Other Notable PromotionsDaily Sign-up Bonus, Daily Deposit Bonus, Spin the Wheel, Scratch Cards, Starter Pack, Elite Rewards, Watch Video Ads

    I’d like to emphasize that only the no deposit bonus is truly “free”. Every other promotion available in this app costs money to activate, and there are limits to how many times it can be activated daily or weekly.

    For example, there are many sweepstakes casino apps that offer bonuses like “Spin the Wheel”. Players can usually activate it once every 24 hours for free and get a random reward. In Bingo Jungle, you’ll have to pay $2 for a chance of winning up to 3 tickets and $100.

    Therefore, I’d like to recommend actual legitimate sweepstakes casinos that offer more games, incomparably superior bonuses, and daily offers that give tons of free currencies. Just tap on our banners to learn more.

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    Bingo Jungle No Deposit Bonus

    Bingo Jungle Messages

    Simply downloading the Bingo Jungle app and logging in gives new players $0.5 to start them off. A notification will pop up in the “My Messages” section, prompting the player to claim this bonus. As soon as the “claim” button has been tapped, the money is instantly transferred to the player’s account, with no strings attached and no bingo bonus code being required.

    As I mentioned, you can’t do anything with this bonus alone since the lowest amount of money you need to start playing in the lowest-ranked room called “Cash Practice” is $1.

    Bingo Jungle Welcome Bonus

    Bingo Jungle Starter Pack

    The Welcome Bonus is called the “Starter Pack” and allows players to choose one of the three available offers:

    • Pay $5 and get $5 bonus + one free ticket
    • Pay $10 and get $10 bonus + two free tickets
    • Pay $15 and get $15 bonus + five tickets

    Whichever option you choose, you’ll receive a 100% deposit bonus match and some free Scratch Card tickets. Similar offers are available in social and sweepstakes casinos, only you would receive free spins instead of tickets.

    The text “Up to $77” below the free tickets indicates the largest possible sum of money you can get by using one ticket. This currency is used in the Scratch Card minigame that I’ll talk about in a second.

    How it Works

    One of the few redeeming qualities of Bingo Jungle is that bonuses have extremely simple requirements. For the no deposit bonus, you just have to create an account, while for the first purchase bonus, you just need to make a deposit.

    Promos for existing players are far more nuanced. They not only grant better rewards but also give players access to various special features, such as the Prize Wheel, Scratch Cards, and more.

    The kicker is that you’ll have to spend at least $1 of your own deposited money to unlock these premium bonuses and play in real-money bingo rooms. Even though it is possible to grab up to $30 free cash through daily rewards, players are required to make a minimum deposit of $5 if they want to claim these better promotions and withdraw their winnings.

    Will I Need to enter a promo code?

    No Bingo Jungle promo codes are needed, but there is a button for deposit bonus codes in the Withdrawal section. New codes are frequently being launched, and as soon as they’re available, you’ll be able to get them on our site.

    Where is this bonus available?

    The only rule regarding player eligibility in Bingo Jungle’s Terms and Conditions is that only players aged 18 and above are allowed to use this app.

    It is available for free download on Google Play, although the download link is a bit buggy. I had to hunt for APK download links to get it to work on my smartphone, which is not something I’d recommend to bingo enthusiasts unless you have robust antivirus software.

    Bonus Wagering Requirements

    Besides the age requirements, the wagering terms revolve around depositing real cash and spending at least $1 of your own money in the app.

    The first rule is quite simple – all bonuses are locked behind a paywall, so you will need to deposit the required amount to claim them.

    As for the “spend at least $1” rule, it specifically states that players need to use their deposited money, not the bonus funds. Not fulfilling this rule will lock you out of most promos and prevent you from competing against real people.

    Bingo Jungle Bonus Codes & Promotions for Existing Players

    Bingo Jungle promos for existing players are a mixed bag of free and premium bonuses. Some of them require making a deposit while others may award bonus cash, Spin the Wheel spins, tickets, or gems. Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of them.

    Daily Rewards Login Bonus

    Bingo Jungle Daily Bonus

    Account holders can claim a variety of bonuses by logging into the app once a day for a total of 30 instances. The rewards get progressively better the more you collect; for example, you’ll receive $0.5 on the third day while it ramps up to $3 on the seventh day.

    Besides bonus funds, these daily rewards include free Spin the Wheel spins, tickets, and gems. There are tiny milestone markers on the progression bar, indicating how much money can be earned this way, which I found somewhat misleading since free spins and tickets can be worth far more than bonus cash.

    Daily Gifts and Prizes

    A small “present” icon will bounce up and down whenever a daily gift is available for claiming. I usually got 50-100 gems whenever I tapped it, but it seems possible that some free tickets can be claimed this way.

    A 30-second timer appears under the present once it is claimed, incentivizing players to remain logged on for as long as possible.

    Spin the Wheel

    Bingo Jungle Spin The Wheel

    The Spin the Wheel is an interesting feature of this app in that you can activate it in two ways. The quickest way to use it is to spend $2 for a chance of winning x25 the amount, getting some free gems, or losing some cash. The other way is to get free spins from other bonuses, most notably the First Purchase promo.

    I haven’t had an opportunity to play many casino-like apps where more than half of the potential rewards are downright worse than the cost of a spin. Moreover, I’m blown away by the audacity to charge people real cash for spins that can give just 20 gems. Watching an ad gives more than twice as much currency.

    Possible rewards include $0.55, $1, $5, and $50; 20-50 gems, a respin, or a special spin on the Gold Wheel, which, sadly, I never managed to activate.

    Scratch Cards

    Scratch Cards have an almost identical purpose to the Wheel, but they require a different resource to activate – golden tickets.

    Let me briefly remind you of the Starter Pack bonus – it includes a deposit match bonus and up to five tickets based on how much money you’ve placed. One ticket is required to activate the Scratch Card promo once, and every time you do, you have a chance of winning up to $77 bonus funds. Similar to the Lucky Wheel, you can also draw free gems.

    I wish Bingo Jungle made it a bit more obvious that Scratch Card rewards increase with the player’s VIP level since I burnt through all of mine while I was still at the Bronze tier.

    Bingo Jungle VIP

    Bingo Jungle’s VIP scheme is based on 7 levels, each increasing the yields of other bonuses and features. For instance, leveling up to the Silver level grants an extra spin via daily gifts and increases potential rewards by a modest 2.5%.

    From Sapphire and onward, players also receive bonuses on their deposits (up to 8% on the last level), significant boosts to Spin the Wheel rewards, and plenty of free tickets & spins from daily gifts.

    What I consider a “hidden” bonus that is closely tied to this VIP scheme is the Silver Level Free Trial, which I was awarded for winning a gem practice match.

    I tested this on multiple accounts, and I always received a free trial Silver rank for 24 hours whenever I placed first in the free-play mode.

    Watch Video Ads

    Gems are the secondary currency at Bingo Jungle and are used to play “practice” matches for free. Besides the Login Bonus, a great way to accumulate some extra gems is by watching short advertisements.

    You’ll receive 500 gems for each ad you watch, but you’ll only be awarded if the ad is watched from start to finish. I liked this promotion because it consistently delivers the same amount of free currency. Just like daily presents, the “watch ads” bonus also goes on cooldown once used.

    About Bingo Jungle App

    Bingo Jungle is a casino-like app that specializes in bingo tournaments with real players. Its main casino element is the Slots Bingo, which is its only single-player game mode.

    🎱Bingo Jungle App
    🏛️OwnerIndie Saga Co. Ltd.
    🤝Sister SitesWinner Trip: Bingo & Solitaire
    🎲GamesBingo Slot, Bingo Tournaments, Minigames
    💳Banking MethodsPayPal, Credit/Debit Cards
    🇺🇸 Available in the U.S.?Yes, to everyone 18+
    📱Mobile appExclusive to Android users

    The app is free to download and use, but players must make a minimum deposit of $5 and spend at least $1 to access most of its features.


    Bingo Jungle Gameplay

    Bingo Jungle is a competitive app that is based on skill and luck in equal measure. The main goal of its bingo games is to fill out the entire card, and you’ll receive bonuses whenever an entire column or row is filled.

    Tapping the right numbers fast gives more points, and more points means a higher ranking. Top-ranked players receive better rewards, while the winner receives the highest portion of the total prize pool. Misclicking will incur a penalty on the player’s total score.

    There are multiple “rooms” with different entry fees, while the prize pool for each is calculated as the sum of all the fees that participating players have paid to enter. For example, the Cash Practice room is the lowest one, requiring $1 to enter. It supports up to 5 players, but you’ll note that the prize pool will be $4 if only four players are participating. In higher-ranked rooms, the Bingo slip (grid) becomes larger, and the numbers roll out faster.

    One unique feature of Bingo Jungle games is that players can use power-ups to tip the scales in their favor. These “boosters” can be drawn from daily prize drops, and they can be used to guarantee that a certain number will appear in the next drawing.

    Bingo Jungle Game

    And then there’s the Bingo Slots, Bingo Jungle’s casino-like game. This is a single-player game in which players pay cash for spins; each spin rolls out three random numbers at a time while all the other rules are the same. Besides winning the main prize, which can be upward of $1,000, Bingo Slots also randomly awards free tickets for the Scratch Cards minigame.

    Banking Methods

    Bingo Jungle Banking

    Bingo Jungle supports only two payment options – PayPal and credit/debit cards. Even though these are the most popular banking methods among U.S. players, the lack of additional options like e-wallets or online banking means that some players won’t get to play this game for real money.

    What I liked about Bingo Jungle’s payment system is that it differentiates between total funds, bonus cash, and withdrawable money so that you don’t have to keep tabs on how much you’ve spent or earned.

    On the downside, their payment processing times are ridiculously high. In the app’s T&Cs, I saw a clause hinting that it may take anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks for withdrawal orders to be processed. It doesn’t make any sense to play a game with such small wagers knowing that you’ll have to wait upward of a month to receive your money.


    Since very little information about the app is available other than it has 500,000+ downloads, I researched its developer, Indie Saga Co. Ltd. It was registered as an incorporated private company in Hong Kong in 2021, and it launched only one game besides Bingo Jungle, the Winner Trip: Solitaire & Bingo.

    What sparked a bit of controversy on the web is the “No purchase is necessary to play” clause in the app’s T&Cs. As I mentioned earlier, it is impossible to play for and win real cash unless you make a $5 deposit and spend at least $1, which means that purchases are necessary.

    Another thing that was incredibly hard to verify, even with extensive testing, is whether I was playing against real people or bots.

    Whichever match I started, I either dominated by 20,000+ points or was blown away by players leagues above my skill level. Maybe the matchmaking system isn’t working as intended, but I suspect this app has a few A.I. bots to fill the lobbies so that players don’t have to wait forever for a game.

    Best Way to Use the Bingo Jungle Bonus

    These are my Bingo Jungle bonus tips:

    • Use gems to play for free to get a hang of Bingo Jungle’s fast-paced tempo before wagering real cash.
    • One daily deposit bonus is available every 24 hours, so unless your account balance is really low, spread out your deposits to maximize your bonus funds.
    • Log in for 30 consecutive days to claim up to $11.5 in free cash.
    • Use your tickets and wheel spins whenever you have some. The more you play, the higher your VIP level will become, and you’ll eventually gain boosts to your deposit bonuses and higher yields from daily promos.

    Are Bingo Jungle Promo Codes Worth It?

    In my humble opinion, Bingo Jungle promo codes and bonuses aren’t overly impressive because there are many casinos where players can claim up to $20 free cash from no deposit bonuses and hundreds of dollars from deposit & reload promos. This Bingo game gives penny-sized rewards, but at least it’s more fun and engaging than old-school Bingo.

    Overall, Bingo Jungle has plenty of bonus offers, but the “pay $1 to play” system was a deal-breaker for me. I’d pay $10 if it at least had a higher variety of Bingo games or if I could chat with other players.

    If you are looking for online gambling sites that offer slots, table games, and live dealer rooms in addition to bingo games, as well as a plethora of generous bonuses, tap on our banners and check out our selection of top-ranked sweepstakes casinos.

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